1337x Proxy, Unblock 1337x and Alternatives Sites in May 2020

Can’t you have access to 1377x? And you’re looking for some of the best proxy/mirror websites that work well for 1337x.

Here are some of the 1337x proxy and step-by-step instructions that tell us about some of the easiest ways to unblock 1377x without using any programs or tools or scripts.

What are 1337x Proxy/Mirror sites?

1337x is another famous website from which we get all the latest game trailers, TV shows, songs, and a range of applications in apk format, such as ShowBox, because it’s all awesome.

It’s very user-friendly and has many torrents, making it the most popular download site.

Instead of using different websites, you can conveniently use this website, but due to certain issues of copy piracy, it has been blocked in various countries such as Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States. But you don’t need to worry about it, as you can easily unblock the 1377x website.

In this blog, we’ll discuss some of the best solutions that will eventually help you use the 1377x proxy website. It is not easy to go to the site using its primary domain, and you need to use a third-party proxy website to help unblock websites.

You can also use a VPN to unblock 1337x. And if you need to unblock it, you need 1337x Mirror and proxy website to unblock it.

History of 1337x

It was established in 2007 and became famous in 2016. It became popular because another torrent website called KickassTorrents was closed down.

In 2015, the owners of the site changed the extension to.domain extension. Google has blocked 1337 initial websites and deindexed the outcome of the search; thus, several users have not been able to find anything relevant to the site.

This move has been taken since the appeal was made by Sound Gold Entertainment. According to a survey conducted by TorrentFreak 1337x, it was the third most popular website in 2018, and according to an analysis of the Related website, which attracted more than 96 million users, traffic was traffic-free only from separate proxy websites and mirror pages.

An official domain of 1337x has been barred in countries such as China, India, and Spain.

People can, with the aid of web proxy and VPN, access the blocked website in all countries.

Some of the ways to Unblock the 1337x website

It is not really straightforward for any website to be totally blocked as you can have a range of resources that will allow users to access all the various blocked websites in every location or region.

You will find thousands of reasons to block any website, and the most common cause is piracy.

Single torrent websites abuse the issue of privacy and piracy, as well as numerous copyright issues.

For all these purposes, the ISP or the Government of the Country is blocking the link in the region. It’s not advisable to consume pirated content, but it’s a choice of people and their interests. Here are some ways to unlock sites like 1337x.


Virtual Private Network, also known as VPN, is one of the best options for users who choose to access the Internet without being connected to their own IP address.

With the use of a VPN, ISP is unable to track the IP address, and people use torrent websites efficiently without any worry.

The Internet has a number of VPN providers, and not all VPNs are good. Individuals should use VPN according to their needs. Different VPNs are available free of charge but with reduced bandwidth along with host locations.

VPNs, people need to access unique applications that are often supported by a VPN service provider. People are allowed to install it like any other software and to open all websites.

Tor Browser

That is another tool that allows you to navigate the Internet as anonymous. It’s a different tab and masks your IP address.

It protects the IP address behind the separate IP addresses of the tor browsers. It is completely free to use and has been created by the US Navy.

It has become a non-profit company. The great thing is that it is safe and does not register IP addresses. Many hackers are using this browser to browse the web.

Free Web Proxy


This is another alternative that allows people to access blocked websites in any region.

The Network Proxy serves as an interpreter, so do you know how it works? Take an example; for example, if you visit a website called techieshphere.com without a proxy, ISP will get your IP address and the browser you are using.

If you visit a Web proxy website, the ISP will not be able to see all the details. You’ll find various paying and free website proxy pages.

You should pick it accordingly. A person needs to know free web proxy has various drawbacks, such as restricted bandwidth, annoying pop-up ads along with low server capacity.

Here list of 1337x Alternatives

1. Limetorrents Proxy

It’s the best and most recent alternative to the 1337x website in the list, and it’s less popular among all other alternatives because it runs on a bit torrent from peer to peer file sharing.

You’ll consider a variety of proxy websites. It’s not easy to find a primary domain because it doesn’t have a source, and all links look similar.

2. The Pirate Bay

The pirate bat is another best torrent website, which is an excellent alternative to 1337x. It also provides different digital content like games applications, video, software, and entertainment. Users may look for desired content.

It also works on a bit torrent peer to peer file sharing system. It is also blocked in various countries, but you will find different Proxy websites and mirror websites with more than a million visitors.

3. KickassTorrents

It’s another great option that has an outstanding user interface, which user torrents will download different apps, games, videos, cartoons, tv shows, and many more.

It’s the second most popular Torrent website online. This was briefly taken down and has been relaunched. As evidence, you’ll find different outlets online.

4. ExtraTorrent Proxy

This is another great option that has an outstanding user interface, which user torrents will download different games, applications, videos, manga, TV shows, and many more.

It is the second-most popular torrent website. This was briefly shut down and was relaunched. As evidence, you’ll find various outlets online.

5. Rarbg Proxy

It is one of the best alternatives to 1337x as it works on the same file-sharing protocol. It is the third most commonly viewed website.

Users will create an account on this website, and upload various torrent files. Along with alternatives, you’ll find a huge list of proxy websites. It has a million visitors.

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