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If you are working in the tech industry, you must have heard the term ‘Big Data’. In general terms, Big Data is simply large volumes of datasets. And since data is in abundance today, the demand for Big Data professionals is also high. According to Forbes, Data Analysts and Data Scientists are among the fastest-growing job roles of the 21st century. One of the best parts of the field of Big Data is that it is evolving very fast. Even when you are sleeping, a ton of data is generated through your computers and smartphones. So, you can only imagine the data in the world. We have already created 295 billion gigabytes since 1986. And each day, we are adding more to this amount. All this data is a mine for information and insights. It is the job of Big Data professionals to analyze this using different techniques. These professionals include Data Scientists, Engineers, and Architects. The demand for such professionals is one the rise. But, the supply continues to be low. This has created great job opportunities for candidates who are already skilled in it. Career benefits of pursuing Big Data Analytics course Here are a few benefits of pursuing a Big Data Analytics course that might motivate you to join it: High income As the data continues to grow, so does the demand for experts in Big Data such as Data Analysts, Data Architects, Data Scientists, and many more. Major tech companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Facebook are paying a hefty amount to Big Data professionals working on their customer data. As per Glassdoor, a Big Data Engineer can earn an average income of Rs. 7,25,398 per year in India. Used everywhere When you are a Big Data professional, you will not be restricted to some industry segments. In fact, you can work for all types of industry verticals. You will be able to find job opportunities in domains like manufacturing, finance, communications, information technology, automobiles, logistics, and retail. Several organizations are using Big Data to get a competitive advantage and make data-driven decisions. So, if you have wanted to make a career in Big Data, now is the best time. There are several Big Data Analytics courses that you can choose to enroll in. Enhanced skills Joining a Big Data Analytics course will be your best investment. You will be rewarded with skills not only for Big Data but for other technological domains as well. The field of Big Data Analytics has several unsolved puzzles and problems that need to be solved. This can help in enhancing your reasoning and analytical skills. With Big Data, you will be working on problem-solving and statistics skills as well. These skills are highly practical and useful, even if you don’t use them for a Big Data career. Competitive advantage A core ability of Big Data is making data-driven decisions. This refers to the approach where decisions are made on the basis of data analysis, instead of just on intuition. The decision is made to keep possible future trends in mind, instead of past experiences. This way, you will be able to know which service and product might be successful in the market, giving you a huge advantage over your competition. Career opportunities As the datasets continue to increase in the world, so is the demand for Big Data Analytics professionals. The need for Data Analysts, Data Scientists, and Data Engineers will continue to rise in the future. They are playing a big role in determining the success of the company. So, if you ever have been interested in the field of Big Data, now is the time to get started with your career. Market growth As mentioned before, the market of Big Data is most likely to grow exponentially all over the world. There are no signs of it slowing down in the long term. In step with NASSCOM, the sector of Big Data Analytics in India is expected to reach USD 16 billion. And as the technology continues to penetrate deep into the remote and village areas, the Big Data field will surely grow. Skills needed to learn Big Data To be successful in the field of Big Data, you should know about the different skills that are used in this field and are highly in demand: Programming skills Data Structures Algorithms Apache Spark Apache Hadoop Data Mining Machine Learning Data Visualization Hive NoSQL and SQL databases If you join a certification course, you will be learning all the required skills for a career in Big Data. Job roles in Big Data Here are the different job roles you can take on in the Big Data field: Data Engineer - These professionals are the link between business executives and Data Scientists. Their responsibilities include communicating about business goals to the Data Scientists so that they can achieve the objectives by working accordingly. Their job also involves handling a large amount of raw data and evaluating new data sources. Data Analyst - Data Analysts are the problem solvers responsible for analyzing data systems, creating automated systems for retrieving information from databases, and compiling reports. Data Scientist - The job of a Data Scientist involves analyzing raw data that can be in a structured or unstructured form for deriving information. This information is then used by the upper-level management and business leaders for making important decisions that impact business growth. Data Architect - As a member of the team, it is their responsibility to understand the different database design aspects. They have to work alongside Big Data Engineers for creating data workflows, designing new database prototypes, and testing them. Now you must know how important Big Data is, the job roles and skills associated with it. It is definitely a stepping stone for a successful career. You can begin by enrolling in a Big Data Analytics course and get the right skills.

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