Rarbg Proxy and Mirror Sites and Alternatives in May 2020

The torrent world is getting bigger and bigger day by day. The reason is the demand for paid content free of cost. Reach of the internet is increasing massively but still according to Wikipedia half of the population is using the internet. Rarbg proxy sites are used by the internet to access original rarbg and downloads games, movies, tv shows, etc

Many content creators and such companies are planning to earn big money from their premium method of content creating. In this method, you have to pay some money to read or watch that content.

Most of the sites using the subscription method and others are charging per content. These contents can be games, videos, software, and service and can be accessed through the Rarbg Proxy and mirror sites

But some developers are not happy to pay some amount, and they planned to make torrent sites through which you can download contents stated above free of cost.

There are many sites which are considered as the torrent sites, and they provide the torrents of premium things. One of them is the rarbg proxies network which you can use for getting free content.

What is Rarbg?

You can get some premium content from these pages but the quality of movies is what makes this network of proxies popular.

You will pick up any films and import them in torrents form. Yes, there are many other categories available on the site including games, software, and applications but this site is used more than any other type of content to download videos, TV series, Web series, and music.

It can be understood its success from this fact that RARBG is a video distribution point for a number of people.

Are Rarbg Proxy Sites and Mirrors Safe to use?

This is one of the most searched questions any torrent user asks on the internet. Yeah, that does happen because pirating the contents is illegal and some torrent pages are blocked in many countries and protocols.

You should use them, as a single torrent site has several other mirror pages. Every torrent site’s founder and developer knows this reality very well that the website can be shut down at any moment.


So, you should browse the proxies of certain pages in these circumstances.

List of Tested Working RARBG Proxy Sites 2020

There are other ways such pages can be browsed. Many browsers nowadays have incognito windows where you can access any website anonymously but relying on these browsers can be risky. You’ll need to use a VPN.
This abbreviation stands for Virtual Network Protocol. You can mask your IP address using a VPN and can keep you anonymous. Every time you visit these pages, the VPN encryption program updates your IP address.

If you are visiting these pages on your Desktop or laptop, one important thing to remember here is that you will use antivirus.

You must have the best premium antivirus because there are viruses on such sites on a massive scale, and they can get installed in your system even without notification. But an antivirus will detect these risks and advise you against deleting them.

Among other instances, certain types of pages on their homepage are full of weird ads. Any of them will annoy you in the form of pop-ups, even after the window closes. It will happen they are going to use the program for encryption. In certain instances, the material on such pages as sports, apps, and applications even has the virus built-in and some rarbg proxy sites are full of virus and you always need protection against them.

They can reduce your computer’s processing speed, and can use it in the background for the site. Many proxy sites use the user’s program to mine bitcoins for them, or any other currency.

The reason is quite simple because they also need money so that they can keep such sites in running condition. Installing and maintaining servers also cost them.

Having a powerful antivirus can save you from all those above possible threats on your privacy. But make sure you have the premium version of both, antivirus and VPN.

What type of VPN is best for using Rarbg proxy

You must comprehend the difference between a proxy site and a VPN before you know this fact. A Proxy platform is a replica to an actual torrent site or clone. This means that the copy of the site’s material is on this website because VPN is the software offered by the genius coders and developers to mask and alter the Address.

To implement such a procedure they use a tunneling tool. Nowadays technology is at its height, so there can be other approaches that only the extremely skilled coder and IT practitioners care about.

Many of these VPNs are free on the market but it is not advisable to use a free VPN because they hold your records. When using the paying VPN services will be helpful in shielding your identity over the internet like your IP address and ISP.

How you can unblock Rarbg

If this link is inaccessible in your region for geographical or other purposes, then you don’t have to be in fear because using a VPN in such a situation will be useful. The proxy sites are never banned, however, because they’re not original sites. You can use them without any hassle, but as stated at the start of the article, a VPN can easily help you get access to these pages.

Find the best sites like RARBG

Over here we have provided rarbg proxy sites now If you’re searching for sites such as rarbg and its alternatives don’t move from here. You will also consider the right RARBG alternatives that we would suggest right in certain ways for you if you can try these.

Top 11 RARBG Alternatives in 2020

1. Kickass Torrents

The most popular Torrent site since the very oldest year is Kickass torrents a.k.a KAT. We may access a from torrents such as Films, TV Shows, Sports, Songs, and E-books, etc. This site was shut down due to govt policies. But you are still able to access globally via KAT Proxy & Mirror Sites.

2. 1337x Proxy

1337x is the second-best torrent alternative platform, like RARBG. The website includes a full directory of torrent files and magnet links which can be quickly downloaded as per your preferred files.

3. Limetorrents Proxy

Limetorrents is Another RARBG domain option. And these torrents are thoroughly checked and there is no pornographic content on the web. The Limetorrents proxy and mirror sites allow you to access this site from anywhere.

4. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is here as well the best torrenting platform. This also has many issues with blocked domains, Use this website to bypass and unblock Fresh TPB Proxy and Mirror List. Using thepiratebay proxies you can get unrestricted access to download something.


EZTV is the best website in a list of selected torrent sites. It includes various television content. It provides very fast service to download all-new TV series and television shows that make you really enjoyable and happy. And getting access from it also has good security.

6. Extratorrent Proxy

Extratorrent is one of a better alternative to rarbg, providing all sorts of content such as tv programs, films, videos, ebooks, etc. And people suggested that this is one of the main torrent sites that have significant content on the website. It’s also pretty easy to import files and magnet links from torrents. And to use a VPN for a reliable and protected link, you can do it.

7. TorLock

TorLock is a good website for torrenting and offers a large amount of content in all categories. You can download anything without any problems, in a very simple way. This website template is very tidy and clean to navigate without any difficulty, and very easy to grasp and scan anything to get everything downloaded.

8. TorrentDownloads

TorrentDownload also represents a popular alternative to rarbg. Navigating and discovering things like TV programs, TV shows, Videos, Songs, Sports, eBooks, and Apps, etc is a very simple interface and attractive interface. Within seconds you can access a very rapid amount of info.

9. YTS Proxy

For film lovers, YTS is the most popular torrent website. Yify is a very attractive design for the UI, and use is very user friendly. Which makes users happy to search for any movies and find torrents within seconds, and download them. And there are also specialized search filter methods where you can check for very unique things according to your quality-wise and this is where you go for YIFY Proxy.

10. SeedPeer

The other is Seed Peer, a platform that also offers the same content as torrent downloads, and all files are ready to download in just one click. It’s almost the same style as ThePirateBay, except to do it even simpler, it also has even clean UI. Just like rarbg, you can really enjoy this place too.


It’s like most other on-list torrent websites. The offer even a broad range of web material to find something here. It’s also a good alternative to rarbg, it’s also very easy to search from the search box and navigate anything very easily.


We hope you know all about the rarbg proxy pages right now. Secure and effective browsing through them seems familiar to you. Yet bear in mind that it is completely illegal to use a VPN or some other form of encryption to keep yourself anonymous using these pages.

We are not recommending that you use them. The above guide is only created to exchange information, rather than to encourage any piracy. The same applies not only to the rarbg but to every torrent site.

Do not use them quite as much as you can. Always use the contents of the original copy. Torrents may be dangerous, like the system’s technological malfunction, the loss to your privacy, and going against the rules.

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