Why You Need a Blog for Your Business

Having a good website with all of your products and services listed is just not enough to get your website noticed. You also need to promote your website to get traffic to it. One of the better ways to promote your site is to update it frequently. This doesn’t mean you need to redo your website every week. You can accomplish this with a blog. A blog is a section of your website that contains interesting and helpful information about your services or industry. 

You Do Have Time

One of the biggest excuses that people have for not having a blog on their website is that they do not have time to write pages and pages of content. The good thing is that you don’t have to write it yourself. There are plenty of blog writing services that are happy to do it for you. They produce web content that is optimized for your business. Most services employ writers from all business areas, and they can help match you with a writer who understands your market. Some services also offer ghostwriting services for your blog. Ghostwriting allows you to put your name on the blog without having to spend the time writing it.

One of the best things about blog services is that they allow you to dictate what you want the posts to be about and what keywords you want to use. Some services can even suggest keywords and optimization techniques for each post.

It Will Drive Traffic

Blogs, in the form of informational articles, drive traffic to your website. When you have information that people need about your business on your website, you will show up in the search results when someone looks for your products and services. They will begin to look at your business as a resource rather than just a sales website. Targeted blog posts bring traffic, and just like when people visit your business, they are more likely to buy from you. 

Some services also offer keyword and placement optimization. They will put your articles on content sites that are related to your industry, giving you backlinks. Backlinks also help to raise your ranking on search engines.

You Can Build Trust

Getting customers to trust you is sometimes difficult, particularly if you offer an unusual or new service. Trust is something you can build once a client has hired you, but it is also something you can establish before the customer even contacts you. An informational website will show people that you know your industry and are willing to help them understand it too. It can build a sense of what you and your business are and what you do. Depending on your blog style, you can let them get to know you personally and professionally, which builds a sense of friendship when you have regular readers.

It Generates Leads

Lead generation can be a trying process for a small business. In an age where networking is a large part of lead generation, it can be a never-ending cycle of getting a lead, following up, and networking to get more leads. Blogs have subscribers, and subscribers are essentially new leads. Anyone researching your particular products or services is interested in what you have to offer.

By having an informational blog, you can gather hundreds of leads without even actively trying. This works much better than traditional networking because they are interested enough to subscribe to your blog. 

It Connects You to Your Customers

A blog makes a personal connection between you and your customers. You can communicate with them quickly and easily through the message boards on your blog. The message boards not only generate leads, but you can talk to customers as if they called you on the phone. By answering their questions, you build a relationship with them. This relationship can be translated easily into a business relationship, particularly when the customer asks about a post about your business. 

There are many excellent reasons you should have a blog on your website, but one of the best reasons is that it will bring more visitors. More visitors means more exposure for your company. When you have interesting information about you, your services, and your products, customers will stay longer and return to your website more often. This increases the chance that they will remember it and use your products or services the next time they need them. 


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