What are the best apps to use while working from home?

In this generation, most people prefer to have work from home set up. It helps you avoid any traffic and reduces your travel costs. You can spend time with your family and achieve a work-life balance. To ensure that you are productive, you need to become disciplined enough to do your roles and other responsibilities even if no one is looking.

You also need to familiarize yourself with different apps to make your work effective and efficient. These tools are important factors to help you manage and monitor your tasks. In this article, we will concentrate on the applications that can assist your work and help you solve problems in an instant.

1. Outlook Mail

You can generate a professional message using Outlook. It offers several features to help you create the best layout in sending email correspondence to your clients and co-workers. You can change the settings in any way that you like.

You can also set up a to-do list, calendar events, and loop the projects per group. You can use its platform for both desktop, web, and mobile versions. You may also link plugin and add on to connect it with other applications. It has also built-in storage known as the Share Point.

Since this app is a product of Microsoft, you can use the MS Word and Excel freely. You can directly copy and paste the contents from these office tools on your email, it keeps the format source and make your emails look neat and smart.

2. Harmon.ie

This app offers a new way to save your files properly. You can save the email itself with the attachments and the original format of the content. You may store the file in your cloud or desktop storage.

This is a great tool in managing your documents and keep safe the pertinent information in it. You can use this application on desktop, website, and mobile version. It features high versatility and you can save your emails and attachments in just a snap.

3. Zoom

In setting up online meetings and virtual face-to-face conversations, you can use the zoom to its full potential. You can schedule meetings with a password or without. It has also chat options that enable you to communicate with your teammates. It also allows a free thirty-minute call without any interruptions.

Its smooth video call features make it a popular app for work from home employees. You can also set up a webinar using Zoom especially when you want to present projects interactively.

4. Slack

Communication is a vital key to manage your group tasks efficiently and professionally. With the use of this app, it makes the impossible things possible. You can chat, make video calls, and schedule meetings using the Slack.

It offers creative and interactive features to make the discussions lively. You can also attach documents and paste images on the screen and send it to your co-worker. It is a user-friendly and simple app that can make your collaborations productive. You can also connect other apps and set up reminders to monitor your tasks.

5. Paper help

Are you working on website content? You might be wondering where to hire freelance writers and agencies to help you create interesting and creative blogs. If you have heard the https://www.paperhelp.org/  they offer writing services from student to professional level.

You can also find their app in the Android and iOS platforms. It features the same services from their web, and you can navigate the site using your smartphone. You can complete your writing tasks faster, accurate, and professionally using this app.

6. Snagit

When working on a certain task, you want to verify whether the information is correct. If you do not have a second screen, this app can help you in solving this dilemma. You can screenshot the page that you’re checking and compare it to the other document. Snagit is a special tool to help you screenshot multiple images. Aside from its major feature, you can also use this app as follows:


  • Resize and combine images
  • Image, video, and mobile capture
  • Make use of the Snagit stamps and special effects
  • Use for video trimming and webcam recording
  • Contains the library section and magnifies options.

Have you tried any of these apps?

The office apps are very helpful in working on your tasks. In a work from home setup, it is difficult to manage your team and tasks. However, you can be able to oversee and monitor things using these applications.

It also makes your work at ease because you don’t need to do it manually. If you haven’t tried any of these apps, I will recommend you start downloading and integrating these tools on your team. You can manage the tasks and projects successfully using these useful apps.

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