Ten Reasons why Learning Java is Relevant in 2020

The number of people joining the computer programming world keeps growing as time goes by. As more people get into programming, the experts in the field keep raising the bar higher by learning new programming languages. Java homework solutions is one of the best sites for a beginner to get started. According to a recent count, above 700 programming languages are available. For a beginner, this is a confusing part. The fact is, about 50 of them are dependable. Java programming is one of the best and is a great place for a beginner to start. Here are ten reasons why Java is the best.  

  • Java Does Everything.

Java allows programmers to do anything on the computer, like creating applications, and graphical interfaces using the JavaFX or Swing API. With Jakarta EE, one can design a wholesome and the best web applications. Developing apps for mobile phones is also possible using Android’s hegemony. 

  • Learning Java Is Easy.

Programming requires a lot of will power and commitment for one to learn it. Java has many free resources and forums for Q&A. It is a popular program making it a bit simple to learn. It is object-oriented and a domineering language.

  • Many Companies use Java. 

In the field of computer science, methodologies like the TIOBE index measure how popular a language is. TIOBE index rates Java number one as a widely used language. It is popular in colleges for student’s learning and used in many companies. 

  • The Java Programming Community is Strong.

The community is very vital in the field of computer science and programming. It benefits the developers and learners by providing a written library for any problem they may encounter.

  • Java Programming Language is Free.

Oracle has two forms of JDK, the JDK, and the Open JDK, the former offers free testing and development environment but charges a fee for production with a long-term Oracle support. The latter is free of charge for all settings. JDK has other implementations that ensure that Java programming language is cost-free.

  • Java Language is the 21st Era’s Cobol.

In 1959, the Language Cobol emerged. It remains popular in insurance companies and banks even 60 years later. The same way, Java is very popular in different companies and, there is a probability that it will last for ages.

  • It is an Execution design with JVM.

The Java virtue machine makes Java a wholesome execution platform. It helps java run its programs and also programs written in other programming languages.

  • It is a fast Programming Language.

Java is fast, regardless of the layers of software like the JVM. The JIT compiler of the JVM has improved the performance of Java. Other languages use it as an execution platform.

  • The Evolution of Java is fast.

Oracle has adopted a new Java lifecycle release, which warranties major novel versions of Java in six months. It allows Java programming language to develop faster and meet the developers’ expectations.

  • It has a Great Standard API.

With the great standard API, developers can perform multithreaded programming, do network operations, manage operations both inputs and outputs, and also control time with no external code archives.


Java may not be the appropriate language for all computer domains but, it is a brilliant language to broaden programming skills or for programming beginners. It is an asset in terms of career growth.

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