Technical Writing in Computer Science

Technology is one of the fastest-growing industries and it has huge potential. Professional experts can earn great money, as well as recognition and respect among their colleagues. Therefore, it’s no wonder so many schoolers intend to get into colleges and universities to become certified experts in computer science. They ought to master different skills and technical writing skills is one of them. Lauren Bradshaw, a professional academic writer from a reliable custom essay writing service will explain the importance of technical writing in computer science using this informative article.

The Definition of Technical Writing

Firstly, it’s necessary to comprehend the meaning of technical writing. Initially, it meant the practice of all processes related documentation and was restricted to understanding and using technical manuals. For example, a worker ought to understand how to implement and use software with the help of a manual. It’s outdated because the modern world moves swiftly and technology develops every day. Accordingly, the definition has been changed.


This form of writing involves the interpretation of all technical processes into common documents. Everything related to technology must be interpreted using plain words. Every time a worker conveys anything technological into writing at work, he/she uses technical skills. Consequently, it’s vital to have advanced technical skills in computer science. If a worker has them, it saves time and money for his/her employer. That’s why so many employers prefer to acquire workers with good technical writing abilities. Even if your major is history or literature, you have higher chances to get employed if you know the basics in computer science and adequate technical writing level of knowledge.

The Importance

As we’ve just mentioned above, advanced technical writing skills provide you with more chances to find a good job. All students with a specialty in computer science should workout their writing. It provides them with a number of advantages when they look for a job. Some youngsters don’t realize the full potential, and we’ll gladly explain it to them. Your employer will require:

  • Effective communication. All big and small corporations actively use technology. It ensures their success and quick progress. Communication plays one of the main roles to achieve positive results. All the employees are expected to communicate with clients, partners, suppliers, and one another. They’ll surely require advanced skills to explain to other people what they want.
  • Cost efficacy. The employer would hardly employ a worker with a lack of technical skills. Just imagine that you’re an employer and your worker has no idea how to work with Microsoft Office, the Internet, messengers, and other simple programs. He/she will constantly need someone to help him/her with the technical aspect of the job. It slows the working process and doesn’t allow progress fast.
  • Reasonable funding. Most people don’t accept slang, abbreviations, or unknown terms. Funders and investors require people who can explain all the working processes using a common language. Otherwise, they won’t invest in the company.

What Do Technical Writers Need?

As you understand, your technical experience is valued high. You are supposed to possess different skills to become a desired worker. All technical writers need:

  • To polish writing skills;
  • To write, as well as create different graphs, charts, animation, illustrations, diagrams, etc.;
  • To plainly explain what they need to nontechnical readers;
  • To develop a neutral, non-personal style of writing;
  • To understand the needs of their audiences;
  • Advanced organizational skills;
  • To be disciplined and manage their time reasonably;
  • To follow and understand legal procedures;
  • The knowledge of ethical and moral codes;
  • Regular practice in their writing skills;
  • To always use professional language;
  • To have a good command of different languages, etc.

You have to possess this knowledge and skills to become a successful worker. It’s important to develop all skills and polish them. Technical writing means clarity, accuracy, flexibility, organization, discipline, good grammar, spelling, etc. Accordingly, you should do your best while you learn in college or university. Give close heed to your technical writing. If you don’t understand how to “translate” computer science knowledge into comprehensive words, you’re doomed to fail.

Genres of Technical Writing

If you want to become a great expert, you should master all kinds of technical writing. While students learn, they are supposed to face all of them. They will have to complete different academic assignments, which involve technical writing skills. Let’s check the main genres:

  • Product documentation. This genre requires to write data on the software, which is required for IT departments of business that implement different programs. You should provide detailed feedback on every specification.
  • Release notes. As software companies regularly update their services and products, they require multiple release notes. They provide the public with clear explanations about the updates of the software.
  • Training manuals. These documents help the newcomers to understand their duties and responsibilities. They likewise provide relevant data about changes for all workers, as well as customers, partners, suppliers, and others.
  • Announcements. All companies have announcements from time to time. They provide updated data about the progress, new implementations, changes in active schedules, tasks, and something of the kind.
  • FAQs. Frequently asked questions are likewise important for you. A worker is supposed to write clear, short, and useful answers to the possible requests of customers.
  • Emails. You should know how to write emails. They are required for quick and effective communication with customers, suppliers, team members, and others.
  • Progress reports. These documents highlight the work that was done and explain the result. Writing progress reports, you provide your colleagues with the key information to avoid complications and enjoy maximum productivity.

You should not forget about schedules, security notices, calendars, conference presentations, and similar documents. All these genres are of huge importance. You will definitely write some of them while you work. It’s quite possible that you’ll face all of them and so their importance must be taken seriously.


Make sure you are familiar with all technical writing genres. Practice them regularly and enhance and upgrade your skills in technical writing. Thus, you’ll be a high-paid expert and will create beneficial employment conditions for your future career.


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