Stylus Pen And Everything You Need To Know About This Helpful Device

The modern technology currently is making us move past the need for a paper and pen. Today, we are in a time where many people rely upon touch screen gadgets. The presence of these touch screens significantly changed everybody’s writing manner. Some of these ways are through tablets, smartphones, and iPads.

The usage of these digital and touch screen devices has become a necessity not only for work but even for business, education, and personal convenience. If you are a graphic artist, having a stylus pen could be beneficial. 

 Although not all, there may be other people who are not so familiar with what a stylus pen is. Hence, we created this article to provide all the important and basic information you need to know.


What Is A Stylus Pen

A pointer or stylus is a pen, alike writing apparatus particularly made for digital use. People use this to draw, sketch, write, and swipe on an electronic or touch screen device. Usually, you utilize a stylus to navigate on your device. It is a tool that delivers a signal to a viable touch screen.

There are various types of stylus pen for iPad, tablets, and smartphones. Each one of them showcases their unique features that meet every user’s expectations, depending on their needs. The market offers every type of stylus you want from the most expensive down to the cheapest brand and model.

A stylus is a decent and perfect proxy for your fingertips. It provides a cleaner swiping and clicking experience on your device. Using this tool will protect your device from getting unwanted scratches. It has a superior touch than the tip of your finger and gives better precision.

Different Types Of Stylus

You may think that a stylus is just a regular touch screen pen, but it is more than that. Just like some of today’s innovation, this tool also has various types that possess a different quality from the other. 


The Bluetooth stylus is currently at the top in today’s market. Its connection is dependent on cordless transmission. In general, this type of stylus functions the same with the capacitive type, only that it offers more features making it more attractive to its user.

The Bluetooth stylus promotes pressure sensitivity recognition and features shortcut buttons. It additionally allows palm rejection. For now, it only works with specific applications. However, it is well- suited with various touch screen gadgets.

Active Stylus

The active stylus authorizes rather natural handwriting. It is accompanied by internal electronic parts and other features such as pressure sensitivity and electronic erasers. The shade of the lines relies upon how much weight you apply while writing. It additionally has palm rejection that permits you to lay your palm on your screen without stressing that you may cause intervention.

Capacitive / Passive 

A passive stylus serves just like an extension of one’s finger. It transmits static energy from the tip of your finger to your screen. The stylus creates screen contact by the electrostatic field disruption. Just like the active stylus, screen tapping and writing is still possible with it. 

How To Distinguish A Good Stylus

Many brands and companies offer everyone almost every type of stylus pen. Some are too expensive while others are cheaper. But, how do you identify a good stylus from not? Here are some of the factors you should check.


One of the most essential details to check in choosing an excellent stylus is its functional features—the palm rejection, which manages unneeded contact. Pressure sensitivity is necessary for most artists as it imitates brushstrokes. It helps in precision and responsiveness. You also need to check if the stylus supports your commonly used apps.

Comfort and Aesthetic

The stylus’s working features should be the number one priority in looking for a fine stylus. However, the comfort and appearance it brings are also something that must be considered. 

People have different preferences in choosing a stylus. Some prefer a rubberized grip or angled, while others want a thicker body. Few individuals also into the texture or color of the pen. It is always different for everyone. But, always make sure to get the functional and have a good aesthetic one.


It’s basic to check on the compatibility of a stylus since not all of them are designed to work broadly. You need to scan if the stylus works with any of the touch screen devices you use. Even checking if it is compatible with the applications you use is necessary. This is the most important factor that you should consider. 

Form Factor

Pointers are commonly small and are vulnerable to breaking and bending. That is why, before buying one, be sure to do a thorough check. The stylus should be well-made with sturdy materials. The absolute most dependable are made out of robust plastic and metals.

Efficiency and Versatility

The stylus pen is helpful for people of every profession. You may be a college student needing it for academic reasons or an entrepreneur utilizing it for a conference. It also fits for designers, and even for a particular use. Various kinds of styluses are created for different functions. Created out from special materials that usually come in different sizes and shapes.

Easy To Use

Utilizing the stylus pen is easy, as you simply have to grip and hold. It just requires sufficient force when being pressed on the monitor of your device. Its parts are also basic and are not hard to analyze. Most styluses have buttons, clips, and tweaks. Getting familiar with this tool is as easy as one two three as its functionalities work the same as a regular pen.

In A Nutshell

A stylus pen could be everything you need, especially when it comes to your touch screen device concerns. The comfortability, efficiency, and the stylish looks it has could make you enjoy and utilize your gadgets even better. But, make sure to get the piece from a trusted brand and make sure it fits your preferences and budget.

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