Try This 5 Putlocker Alternatives to Watch Your Shows

Watching TV is one of the entertaining things you can do in your free time. Due to technological advancement, most people own one or more smartphones that they can use to watch their favorite movies and TV shows. Hence, many movie streaming platforms have successfully risen on the internet nowadays to respond to people’s streaming needs. 

You might be wondering which streaming platform is the best since there are many available in the web today. Each platform has its strengths and weaknesses. One of their downsides is the monthly subscription. For you to access tons of movies online, you have to pay a particular amount every month. 

Thanks to Putlocker, it allows you to watch unlimited TV shows and movies that are free. However, your location may have restrictions on accessing the Putlocker site. Nothing to worry about it because there are other options for Putlocker available on the internet. Read the details below to know the different alternatives to Putlocker that will give you access to your favorite TV programs and movies in your area for free. 


123Movies is one of the Putlocker alternatives available on the internet. It has almost similar functions and features to Putlocker that will also let you watch a collection of tons of movies free of charge. It’s known to provide its users with convenient and safe streaming services. It’s website layout also uses white and green color schemes that aren’t heavy to your eyes. 

The website is user-friendly with buttons and features that are easy to navigate. All of the contents of 123Movies are in particular categories. It has a wide range of collection of movies, TV programs and series, and many others. Besides that, it also allows you to stream the libraries of anime series and Asian dramas. Hence, 123Movies is one of the best Putlocker alternatives that you might consider accessing during your vacant time.

Los Movies

Los Movies is another alternative to Putlocker for movie streaming. You can find thousands of TV shows and movies available in different genres. You can visit its official website and key in the TV show or movie title on the search bar to filter its contents. Los Movies also gives you an option to view current popular movies and TV programs that you might find interesting. 

For movies and shows in English, the subtitles in different languages are provided in various formats. Aside from keying in the titles to find the movie you’re looking for, you can also put the movie’s release date, the date added on the platform, and the ratings as well. By doing so, you can find show and movie titles that you haven’t watched yet. 


YesMovies has thousands of movies, TV programs, series, documentaries, and many others. It’s another alternative to Putlocker that will give you a fantastic online streaming experience through accessing its wide range of content collection. The official website of YesMovies uses a modern interface with a user-friendly layout and design. 

The website gives you an easy and convenient way of searching for your favorite shows and movies. It also has a unique feature that will let you switch to dark mode if it’s working better for you. YesMovies includes different genres that you can choose based on your preference, such as horror, love story, drama, action, sci-fi, adventure, and many more. 

You can also add both numbers and letters on the search bar when looking for a specific movie or show title. Hence, YesMovies offers you another fantastic movie experience as an alternative to Putlocker. 


Some people love watching TV shows over streaming movies. If you’re one of them, WatchTVSeries is an excellent Putlocker alternative for you. Its official website will give you access to different TV shows and popular TV series that most people watch regularly. These TV series come from popular TV channels, such as NBC, Fox, History Channel, HBO, CBS, and many others. 

Moreover, WatchTVSeries also includes some content from a well-known giant in movie streaming, Netflix. The website has a feature letting you view the list of the newly released episodes by turning to its category to stream the latest episodes of the TV shows you watch regularly. 

WatchTVSeries has various categories that you can choose from their lists like TV Mini-Series, Upcoming Episodes, and New TV Shows. You can easily and conveniently watch these TV series because all of the episodes are properly grouped into their particular seasons. Hence, you can always keep track of what episode and season you’re watching now to avoid getting lost the next time you continue streaming them in the future. 


SolarMovie is another Putlocker alternative that offers an unlimited and wide range of entertainment content. Make sure to have a reliable internet connection and a functional device. You’ll surely then have access to their movies and TV series whenever and wherever you are. 

Moreover, SolarMovie’s official website is user-friendly, and you can find the movie or show that you’re looking for most easily and conveniently. One of the exciting features of SolarMovie is its ability to search by country name. It means that you can filter movies and TV series that only come from a particular country, such as Japan, India, and others. 

For you to start streaming in SolarMovie, you have to create an account. It requires you to input your active email address to register for this online streaming platform successfully. When you’ve finally created an account, you can start browsing the website and searching for TV shows and movies that you find interesting. You can also stream your favorites online multiple times and watch them again anytime and anywhere.

In A Nutshell

Watching movies has been part of most people’s lives for many years. If you have a hectic schedule almost every day, you tend to need the most accessible way to watch your movies. Putlocker will surely be a great help for you because it allows you to access its wide range of content collections in different genres. However, if your current location restricts you from accessing Putlocker, the list of alternatives discussed above will be your available choices. Hence, choose one now that will surely give you a fantastic movie streaming experience. 

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