PDF Conversion Guide With The Use of PDFBear: Docx To PDF

The present digital era we all live in has changed our ways of living drastically. Although it both has its pros and cons, we can always choose to take advantage of the positive outcomes it can produce. Unlike before, most work-related reports and transactions are channeled through our online platforms. And most of these reports require the use of the famous PDFs. 

Thanks to our innovative electronic files professionals, we can now manage these PDFs with ease without consuming much time. Gone are the days when highly-technical users will have difficulties editing and transforming these PDFs; we now have online tools such as PDFBear to overcome your PDF dilemmas such as PDF conversion! 

Knowing Your Electronic Files

So why is PDF vastly used for most transactions? Since most official reports, like company legal documents, liquidations, reimbursement, etc., are submitted by employees to their superiors for reference only, it is ideal that they are not editable. PDFs are naturally less-alterable than other available file formats, which is why people convert Docx to PDF

The Portable Document Format

Aside from being less-modifiable, PDFs also maintain excellent file consistency. Unlike other programs, file content formatting may be affected when transmitted to another user with a different program version. You may have experienced this when receiving an MS Word 2007 document, and you were using MS Word 2003. 

PDFs also come as smaller files compared to your usual files. Although Docx has innovated to become a more compact Word document, PDF is still the most comfortable and convenient to print and share. Almost all devices nowadays support PDFs; you can open and view PDFs even on your smartphone! Even if you are using any computer brands, PDFs come in handy! 

Microsoft Word’s Docx and Doc Files

For your information, Docx is the better-upgraded version of the typical Microsoft Word doc file. The newer versions of MS Word use this file format, and Docx has lesser chances of being a corrupted file. It also consumes less space than doc and works well with most MS Word versions despite being more updated. 

These upgraded XML files are of higher standards, and this does not only apply to Word documents. This XML standard was also used for Excel and PowerPoint files. For Excel spreadsheets, it upgraded from XLS to XLSX. While for PowerPoint presentations, it has changed from PPT to PPTX. A better-working, more efficient file format for MS Office files. 

How The PDF Converter Works

We will now discuss how to convert your doc or Docx document to PDF. Yes, PDFBear is a pretty versatile PDF converter tool that can cater to both doc and Docx files.  You have two options for these files depending on your needs. You can convert doc or Docx to PDF, and you can also convert PDFs to Docx or doc as it works two-way to provide dual benefit! 

When using PDFBear’s PDF converter tool, the conversion process is very straightforward. You must first choose which conversion you need from the PDFBear home page. For this case, choose the Word to PDF option, and then upload your Word Docx to PDFBear. As you upload your file, it automatically converts to PDF and will be ready for download in just seconds! 

Aside from Word to PDF and vice-versa conversions, PDFBear has more options you might find useful! You can also make fast and easy conversions with Excel, PowerPoint, JPG, PNG, HTML, PDF/A, and many more! You need not worry about your electronic files anymore because PDFBear can do all your necessary tasks in less than one minute. 

What To Use For Editing PDFs

In PDFBear, you can make light edits to your PDFs. Especially if you are only working with your mobile phones with not many Adobe tools, you can utilize these PDFBear tools. You can add your personalized, handmade e-signature, text or image watermark, page numbers, texts, and drawings. PDFBear has more to offer other than their fast-working PDF converter! 

However, if your goal is to make drastic changes to your PDFs, PDF conversion is your best and only option. Why? Because when your PDF file is transformed to its most comprehensible file construct, you have the liberty to reconstruct the file’s content as if you were typing it from scratch. With this option, you change your document as a whole, including its minute details. 

Protecting Your PDFs With PDFBear

PDFBear also allows you to do the same. With PDFBear’s protect PDF function, you can lock your PDF with a complex password and maximize their 256-bit encryption protocol to ensure unwanted viewers are kept out. This lock feature is uncrackable because of PDFBear’s robust security system. 

Aside from these locked PDF features, your uploaded files are also kept pretty safe by PDFBear. It utilizes a secure SSL connection to permanently remove your uploaded and converted files from their system after 60 minutes. Since many PDFs contain confidential information and sensitive content, you can take advantage of these security features. 

Unlock Encrypted PDFs

Since PDFBear allows you to password-protect your PDFs, it also has the unlock PDF function! It will also verify if you are the authorized user to open the encrypted PDF to ensure proper confidentiality. After password or passcode input, you can now open your newly decrypted PDF. 


PDFBear works together with Solid Documents as they continue to provide quality services and PDF conversions. To optimize its full functionality, you can try out their 14-day free trial for PDFBear PRO! Then decide whether you’re upgrading your subscription on a monthly or annual basis. 

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