MilesWeb Review 2020 – Web Hosting Provider You Must Know

Deciding to take a business online is easy, because, now everyone is present on the internet. But, deciding which web hosting provider to select is a tough job. MilesWeb is a well-known name in the domain and web hosting industry and is an excellent option for personal and commercial hosting purposes. They have a happy customer base from all sectors like banking, software development, and other MNCs.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is a perfect solution for a few web pages site or a blog that receives hundreds of visitors on a daily basis. It is a form of cheap web hosting that places your website on a server on multiple other websites. That means, all the websites stored on the server share the same resources that may lead to resource shortage for the site’s large sites. These resources are shared unevenly and thus the provider cannot offer a specific amount to a particular site. Thus, once the site gets mature many people upgrades to dedicated or VPS hosting.

MilesWeb provides you the feasibility to make the payment monthly, yearly, or 3 yearly. The shared unlimited web hosting plans are very cheap in cost yet, they offer all the best of features.

Tyro, Swift, and Turbo plan come under shared hosting with the cost £1/month, £ 2.50/month, and £ 3.50/month respectively.

Swift and Turbo plans offer free domain names as long as you remain associated with MilesWeb.

All these plans come with cPanel account, you can try a demo of it, by visiting the site.

Reseller Hosting

This hosting is specially made for people who want to start their own web hosting business. There are many developers who choose reseller hosting so that they can provide development and hosting of the site in one place.

To start your web hosting company, you just need to buy a cheap reseller hosting plan from MilesWeb and sell it to your customers. The company offers a 100% white label that allows you to sell the hosting services under your brand name. These plans come with cPanel account that enables you to create unlimited web hosting accounts under it.

Dedicated Hosting

In dedicated hosting, all the websites hosted on the server get separate server space and separate hosting resources. This is a feasible option for the site that demands lots of resources for the operation. As in dedicated hosting only your site exists on a server, there is no resource sharing done with other websites, and thus single site leverages all the server power. A dedicated server is designed for websites that get millions of visitors every day.

MilesWeb offers high-performing bare metal dedicated servers for a single tenant. This is an ideal solution for the websites and applications that demands non- virtualized environments. As a user, you get an option to select Windows or Linux dedicated server. Cheap dedicated hosting starts at just Rs.6500 which offers 8 GB memory, 1000 GB (1TB SATA) storage, 1000 GB bandwidth, 1 dedicated IP, and much more.

MilesWeb has always been a well-known name for web hosting at affordable prices. It is ranked in top lists of trusted hosting reviewers like Trustpilot, HostSearch, etc.

VPS Hosting

VPS hosting is considered as a midway for shared and dedicated hosting. The best features from shared and dedicated are gathered to form VPS features. Like shared hosting in VPS also multiple sites share the same server, but they all also get separate resources like dedicated hosting. That means, in VPS hosting also no resources are shared and thus acts as a virtual dedicated hosting hence is the name Virtual Private Server (VPS).

In case if you already have shared hosting but face many problems with site downtime or speed, then there can be a high possibility of a lack of resources. When a site starts growing that means, when visitors on a site increase, it doesn’t get enough resources needed to feed the site. This is due to the uneven distribution of resources in shared hosting. Thus, you need to upgrade the plan to VPS or a dedicated one. The best option is to switch to VPS hosting as it provides dedicated resources too. Dedicated hosting can be a costly deal, so you can always go with VPS hosting.

Cloud Hosting

MilesWeb provides managed cloud hosting services. Managed cloud takes care of everything right from optimization to server maintenance. In cloud hosting, a website gets hosted on a cluster of servers, and thus it is known as the cloud.

Cloud hosting is considered as the most secure hosting option, as it consists of hosting on various servers. So, even if one server goes down due to any reason, the site gets backed up by the other servers without losing any data.

We are saying, that you must know MilesWeb web hosting provider because within a short span of time they have grown a lot. They provide all the best of hosting types are very cheap rates and thus many people trust them.

Wrapping Up :

Of course, while choosing a web hosting provider, you must look at different aspects of hosting rather than just looking at the plans. MilesWeb provides features like free SSL certificate, pure SSD storage, latest PHP and MySQL, free migration, website builder tool, 1 click application installer, etc. with all its plans. It stands on three principles – 24/7 tech support, 30 days money-back guarantee, and 99.95% uptime, making it an easy-to-go option.   

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