How To Convert PNG to JPG [Step By Step Guide]

Not every digital photo file is the same. Many different file types are common for storing and displaying images and each one has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. The one major challenge is to move between them by getting too many hosting choices. Some software applications can only view or host those types of files. Other instances require you to choose better quality optimization. You can try and convert the files from one type to the next. Converting PNG files to JPG or PDF files is a pretty simple process as soon as you get it however, it can be made easier if you use PDF WIZ. The right approach is often what is most convenient for you.

How To Convert PNG to JPG Easily

A PNG file is translated to a JPG file for various purposes. Though PNG files can host better images, for many reasons JPG is far more common. JPG files are especially common among Web and device designers for quicker image loading. This is because faster charging times allow less user loss as the web page/app’s response time is significantly increased in PNG files. However, starzsoft has a solution for both png to jpg and png to pdf formats and provides several other conversions as well.

If an application or website uses PNG files, it is possible that loading times will be visible that causes users to feel as though the website is badly built. That is so many web designers want more than anything else to use JPG files. 

Method 1: Convert Using ‘Preview’. 

The easiest way to convert is to only use the ‘View’ option. It is definitely the simplest approach for most people and the technological skills would be very limited. Here are the fundamental steps:

  1. Locate a PNG file in your images that you would like to convert.
  2. Choose the option “Preview.”
  3. After choosing ‘preview,’ click on the ‘edit’ option.
  4. Click Export. Click Export.
  5. Choose the JPG / JPEG option.
  6. To save a click.

This approach is tried and tested, but it can be difficult to transform several images simultaneously. This is best served if you just need to convert PNG to JPG from time to time.

Method 2: Convert Using ‘Terminal Command-Line’.

Another alternative is to just use free online software for those who do not wish to focus on the technological aspects of the aforementioned approaches. By taking these basic steps it can be achieved very easily:

  1. Start your browser and search for the page you are moving to.
  2. Use the choice ‘Select Data.’
  3. Choose the PNG format you want to transform. When it is more comfortable, you can also drag and drop the file.
  4. Wait for importing files/files and press ‘convert.’
  5. On completion of the conversion process, you can open the newly converted JPG files by pressing “Open.”

This is a good option for people who do not want to fight or automate technical jargon. All the ‘hard lifting’ is done by the electronic converters. However, it is important to note that not all online conversion devices are free of charge. When converting files online, always protect your own identity and security.

Method 3: Convert Using ‘Free Online’ Programs.

Another option is to simply use free online conversion tools if you are not willing to deal with the technical aspects of the methods above. By following these simple steps you can do this easily:

  1. Start your web browser and look for the website you want to convert.
  2. Use the choice ‘Select script.’
  3. Choose the PNG file you would like to convert. When it’s handy, you can drag and drop the script.
  4. Wait for importing images/files, then press ‘convert.’
  5. Just press the “download” button to open your newly transformed JPG files after the transfer is complete.

This approach is perfect for those who don’t want to battle or create automated processes with technological jargon. All ‘heavy lifting’ for you is handled by the online converters. It must be remembered, though, that not every converter online is free and caution should be taken about the ones you pick. When uploading files online, always secure your own identity and protection.

Method 3: Convert Using Adobe Photoshop. 

You can easily translate your PNG files to JPG via the program if you know and use Photoshop anyway. Here are the fast moves to take:

  1. Open the Adobe Photoshop file.
  2. Click “file” button.
  3. In the drop-down menu, pick ‘save as’
  4. Take ‘JPG/JPEG’ from the ‘format’ menu down.
  5. To save click.

This is a fast and easy choice, particularly if you still use Adobe Photoshop. However, after saving the file from PNG to JPG, with this method you can not change the image with the layers/edits. In this scenario, make sure that you save a finished photo and don’t want to alter or work on it anymore.

Method 4: Image Conversion Apps

The above options are great for easy and simple conversion of PNG to JPG. Nonetheless, they may not be the perfect option for those who wish to preserve their original paper. You can convert the PNG to a JPG while keeping the original PNG file for use or reference in a few cases. Try this method in this case

With the above-mentioned ‘preview’ method, just choose ‘duplicate’ rather than ‘export.’ You will have to follow the same steps as the above protocol until you hit this stage, except instead of deleting the file this time, it will be copied to a JPG.

You can also rename the duplicate to allow you to identify the various files on the fly. For someone who wants the JPG in specific situations and does not want to replace the PNG image file with a good quality. This is a perfect choice.

Also, you can use image conversion apps from third parties in a similar way to the above online method. Please notice that applications can cost you money and will be less free. This could be the simplest option if you use an Apple mobile device, as many third-party apps can convert with a simple click of a button. Be sure that you reference the software right, so that less than configured apps don’t waste time and resources.


You may select a solution that will streamline the operation, such as an Automator, online tool options if you want to do big batches of conversions in time. If you only expect to be converted to a blue moon once, then the most simple procedure will be of service to you.

Luckily, we live in a modern world to make transformations like this a fleeting period to support people at all stages of expertise. You now have to pick the way you want to turn into the substance of your heart!


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