How ePrescribing Could Save Billions in Healthcare Costs

Technological innovation and improvement in the healthcare industry have brought a quick solution to medical management through the launching of electronic prescriptions. An automated prescription app is a mobile app allowing physicians to prescribe medications. You can find more information about how ePrescribing works and its benefits by visiting:

Because physicians have adopted the new solutions and have switched from keeping health records on paperwork to electronically retrieving and going through the clients’ health records, ePrescribing helps reduce healthcare costs. 

ePrescribing could potentially save billions in the healthcare total cost because it: 

Helps abandon manual paperwork

Manually keeping health records for patients has been a load for patients who always have to ensure that they have all their health records placed in their bags before they visit the doctor. The doctor also has to struggle to try to follow the health records carefully to avoid any prescription errors. This should be as many times as manual paperwork is often easily losable, had to follow up due to the general arrangement of the documents, and most discouraging involves so many resources in preparing the records. 

Also, paper scripts for patient attendance used to increase the capitalization of a lot of support in printing the scripts that are usually filled at the pharmacy just before the patients go for the doctor’s consultation and performance of screening and treatment. Therefore, ePrescribing saves on all this cost on paperwork as doctors digitally retrieve health records of their patients, and queuing at the pharmacy before seeing the doctor is reduced.

Reduces calls to the pharmacist.

Doctors and many other healthcare specialists used to increase the hospital’s expenses in making calls to pharmacies to get accurate information of the prescription by clarifying prescriptions and the exact problem of the patients to correct any medical errors. But with the help of an electronic prescription app, the hours spent on clarifying prescription are reduced. ePrescription ensures that the patients are easily attended to, reducing their revisits to the doctor or even the pharmacists because medical prescriptions are very accurate and up to date with the current trends in the healthcare industry.

Simplifies refill requests and medication reminders

The ePrescription app has warning systems that alert patients about adverse drug effects like allergies to check for drug interactions and appropriateness hence enhancing medical management. Healthcare specialists believe that electronic prescribing practices and the process itself not only give assistance to patients initially but also increases their compliance when it comes to medicated refills. 

By making the prescribing process easier and making patients’ lives easier, it ensures they take their medication on time and refill them when due. This electronic prescription has gone a long way in ensuring that doctors achieve their objectives better, especially when paired with the app’s alerts and refill reminders making the lives of patients on medication even much easier. It is better than when manual prescription used to be undertaken hence simplifying all refill requests of patients and cutting down on the healthcare cost.

Reduces the number of healthcare specialists

Since ePrescribing has reduced visits of patients to the healthcare units, reduced hospitalization comes in the sense that a reduced number of doctors and nurses is necessary to cut down on the cost. From online prescription to one-time attendance to the doctor, the need for nurses is reduced by some percentage though not significantly. Since the number of patients greatly reduces as the pharmaceutical process of diagnosis is made less bureaucratic, the healthcare specialists and attenders are also reduced to avoid so much labor supply dealing with less demand hence having a blow on the economy. Therefore, reducing the number of doctors and nurses helps reduce the savings of a lot of money that could have been spent in salaries and, hence, cut down on the health cost. 


This improved and digitized way of ePrescribing through the invented e-prescription apps has made a big step in offering support to medical decisions. It has also hugely improved the pharmaceutical workflow and reduced the resources hugely invested in hospital settings due to communication with pharmacies and other requirements. It also ultimately reduces the costs of drugs. This technological potential has been able to improve the efficiency of diagnosis and treatment hence promoting better outcomes health-wise and also greatly reduce the costs and saving billions in healthcare costs.


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