Health and Safety Preparedness in the Workplace amidst the COVID19 Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic is obstructing the way people and businesses operate globally. Several companies are performing remote working orders to protect their team members. For their preparations, they should review remote working guidelines or develop new strategies and plan to allow team members to work productively in the middle of the global crisis.

Company leaders can access their readiness by these factors to address possible problems they may face and identify focus areas to derive planning actions.

Determine if your business belongs to ‘essentials.’

Shelter-in-place, stay-at-home orders are just a few safety measures that most of the states implemented. These policies have a duration and subject to additional standards and rules. As a business owner, keeping aware of your state policies and status is a must. Suppose your business operates in a state under those orders. In that case, it is standard to know if your business is ‘essential.’ Companies under the essential category can remain open with COVID19 safety measures in place. In contrast, those non-essential companies should propose a work-from-home option for their team members or temporarily close the business until the lockdown lifts. An essential business should take proper steps to assess their operations, whether they will allow their team members to work from home or perform safety precautions to protect them.

Create a Remote Work Strategy

Only a small part of companies in the world work remotely. Thus, if a company will work remotely, they could not immediately acclimate to their new way of working. There are factors that business owners need to consider before setting up a small work plan. And these are experiences and facilities to house the remote team members, equipment, internet connection, and healthy work practices.

Improve Workplace Safety Rules

Companies that are allowed to remain open should build a new standard as compliant to coronavirus safety precautions. They need to concentrate on how they can lessen the risk of COVID-19 contamination in the workplace. There are three methods to help them.

  • Perform Physical Distancing in the Workplace

Create policies that maintain at least six feet apart among team members. Change your workplace lay-out that keeps safe working distances. Reduce the number of team members each working day as well as in-person meetings. This way, the risk of transmitting the virus will decrease if someone in the workplace is unknowingly infected.

  • Strict Monitoring of Personal Hygiene

Companies should maintain and monitor strong hygiene standards in the entire workplace. They can place a hand sanitizer in the entrance, wash area, or corner near the team members’ desks. Also, they can provide handwashing reminders every thirty minutes. Another way to keep the workplace disinfected is to set regular sterilization and cleanings.

  • Keep an Open Communication Among Team Members

Listen to your team members if they have something to say to help the workplace safe. Maybe they are suffering from some stress and worrying caused by the pandemic. You can keep them calm by showing that you care for their health by providing face masks and keeping their workspaces clean.

Adopt an agile response plan

No one knows what the coronavirus pandemic will bring. There are so many uncertainties about developing a vaccine and how long the lockdowns will last. Companies need to wait until the restrictions lift to reopen, and with those essential, business needs time to adapt themselves to the new way of business operations.

Implement a Hot Desking System

Hot-desking can help companies protect their team members if undertaken appropriately. With hotdesking, team members can keep away from others, which can help with the transmission. DeskFlex hotdesk software helps prevent the spread of the virus in the workplace with the desk reservation feature. It allows team members to book and schedules their work time in the office alternately. The number of people present at a particular workplace will decrease with the hotdesk software that reduces contamination risks.

DeskFlex hotdesk software has features that can address the risks of coronavirus contamination in the workplace, and these are:

  • Thermal Scanner and Mask Detection
  •  Social Distancing Features
  • Visitor Management Software
  • Visitor Management Software
  •  Lobby Kiosks, Contactless Room Display, and FlexCube Devices

The DeskFlex hotdesk software is a fully cloud-based software that provides access to any device anywhere with the hot desking app. The team members can download the hot desking app with their Wifi-enabled devices to check-in and out and for their desk booking.

The DeskFlex desk booking software allows users to make advanced desk reservations remotely via a web-based desk booking software interface. Furthermore, remote workers can also take advantage of the DeskFlex hot desking app to make workstations and desk booking from their devices, especially when working on the field. DeskFlex desk booking software makes it comfortable for team members to view desk availability with a few clicks. With the hot desking app, they can also view the reserved and vacant workspaces.

The Total Desk Booking Software – DeskFlex!

With all the other hotdesk software providers, the DeskFlex desk reservation software is the only one that can help address the coronavirus threat in the workplace with its last software and hardware innovations.

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