Digital Marketing in Small Business – 5 Strategies for Higher Lead Generation

Small business owners need to face a lot of challenges as they step onto the business playground. 

On the one hand, there are managerial tasks that require smooth work organization. 

On the other hand, the financial aspects of small business management demand a lot of energy and commitment from an SMB-owner. 

And then, there are marketing matters that need to be sorted out in a timely and professional manner. 

It might be difficult for a new entrepreneur to collect enough assets to cover all these financial bases. Therefore, we’ve compiled several tips for SMB-owners new to the world of digital marketing.

  • Creating relevant content

Your business isn’t only the business operations that you perform. How you present yourself in the online business realm also makes an important part of your enterprise. 

Some SMB-owners overlook the importance of this business element. As a result, their ventures fall behind in sense of lead generation and audience targeting. 

If you want to turn your new business into a brand, you need to become visible to your potential customers. 

The most efficient way to achieve that is via genuine and well-written content. 

From the wording of your home page and various landing pages to your blog, SMB-owners need to insist on original content. 

While it’s reasonable to analyze the competition, your content needs to promote your successful strategies and results. 

So, except for some core trade secrets, don’t hesitate to share your tips and business ideas with your online audience. 

  • Including original videos

This is the age of visuals. From desktop computers and laptops to tablets and smartphones, people are constantly using visuals when they’re online. 

This means that new SMB-owners need to pay special attention to this business aspect. 

For starters, enrich your website and blog posts with as many original images as possible. It would be great if you could take those photos in your office and on your business premises. Not only that you’ll generate original visual content that way, but you’ll also show to the world what your company headquarters look like. 

While pictures are important, creating your authentic videos is crucial in this video-oriented Internet environment. Even if you don’t have an ample budget for video production, you can still make attractive videos with a smartphone. Some of these free video-editing tools might help you polish your clips and prepare them for sharing. 

In addition to these videos, you can ask your clients to upload visual materials in which they’re using your products or services. This could be practical first-person testimonials for your business marketing. 

  • Following search engine results

One of the most important things for every new SMB is to hit as high as possible in search engine results. 

This can be achieved in dozens of different ways, some of which include paying a digital agency to do that for you. It’s up to you whether you want to use that option or not. 

Still, there are some things you can do on your own to climb up the search engine page results (SERPS).

For starters, invest your time and energy in authentic content, as suggested above in this article. The better your content is, the more shares from your website visitors and clients you’ll get. As a result, the status of your website will keep improving. 

Moreover, revolve your content around the most relevant keywords for your niche and geographical area. You can learn more about finding the best keywords for your niche in the post published by Wordstream

SMB-owners should also search for their business in Google and other search engines to see how high their rating is. If your website isn’t on the first page of results, it’s time to do something about it. 

  • Keeping in touch with audiences

We’ve already suggested that you ask your clients and followers to record themselves using your products and services. 

This can be only the tip of an iceberg when it comes to user-generated content. 

A simpler way to encourage their participation in your business marketing is to let them leave comments below your blog posts. Also, you should allow them to grade your products and services on your website. Again, these testimonials can be in writing in the form of comments and ratings or as the visual feedback, like images and videos. 

It would be nice to inspire your audience to engage actively on your social media pages. You can do that by launching various contests, quizzes, games, or challenges. Each of these marketing actions needs to be accompanied by certain rewards and giveaways. 

Another way to keep in touch with your audience is to respond to their complaints and requests as fast as possible. When a newly founded small business shows support to its clients, it improves its public image. Today, when everything is shared on social media, this can be vital for business growth.

  • Sleek UX in all digital channels

Launching a practical and efficient website is a must in this competitive business world. 

However, it’s important to go the extra mile when it comes to its usability and organization. 

As explained by the designers from a renowned digital agency from Houston, user experience (UX) has become a crucial part of every website. 

In simple terms, this means that your pages need to load fast to provide a smooth website experience for your users. It also means that your content needs to be simple, yet attractive. Every business owner needs to find their formula to meet this goal, in line with their business goals. 

Finally, your landing pages shouldn’t contain any distracting details, especially the ones aiming at sales. 

Digital marketing is a vast area with dozens of categories and subcategories. New SMB-owners will gradually master most of them. In the beginning, you can start generating your initial leads using the strategies presented in this article. As time goes by, feel free to apply some new tactics, as well. 

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