How to Choose HUAWEI and HONOR Mobile Phones

How to Choose HUAWEI and HONOR Mobile Phones

The rise of HUAWEI has opened up a special road for its mobile phones in the industry. This is paving the way for the development of HONOR. HUAWEI and HONOR have many mobile phone models. People don’t know how to choose. Let me tell you some experience today.

  1. HUAWEI Series

The first Mate series is released every autumn. That is, shortly after the release of Apple’s new products. This series of mobile phones have business style, HUAWEI’s latest technology, the best processor and the best hardware. The price will be higher.

Then is the P series, which will be released every spring. The configuration hardware of P series mobile phones is top-level. It will cost a little less than the Mate series. These products look more beautiful. The selling point is young and fashionable style, and the photographing function is powerful.

Nova series, this series of mobile phones are designed for young women. The appearance design is beautiful and the selfie function is powerful.

The Changxiang Series are HUAWEI’s entry-level models. This kind of mobile phone is suitable for use as a spare machine or for parents. This series of configurations are common, but the endurance is good.

  1. How to Choose HONOR smartphones

V10, V20 in V series models. For example, HONOR’s flagship series such as V20 uses HUAWEI’s top accessories. This kind of mobile phone is suitable for users who like to play games and pursue mobile phone performance. If you have this idea, you can consider this mobile phone.

Number series. For example: HONOR 10, HONOR 20. This series is about the same price as the V series. Its main focus is on appearance and photographing. The target users of these two models are different.

X series, such as HONOR 8X. This kind of mobile phone is similar to the V series, except the price has dropped from 2,000 yuan to about 1000 yuan. Its configuration has shrunk to a certain extent, and the selling point is excellent cost performance.

Play series, such as the newly launched HONOR Play 4. HONOR Play 4 is big enough. Its screen size is larger than HONOR 30 Pro +. It uses HONOR’s perforated screen and is made of LCD. The screen is equipped with side fingerprint identification. The actual feeling is similar to HONOR V30 Pro. Although cold tone is a characteristic of LCD screen, its color performance is still bright. Compared with the HONOR V20, which used the perforated screen for the first time, the HONOR Play 4 has better screen quality.

The last is Magic

HONOR Magic’s exterior design is excellent. The actual feeling does not lose the advertisement picture. The phones are like pebbles, with the front and back dark enough to be used as mirrors. It has exquisite bottom design and double cameras that do not protrude. Before I bought it, I didn’t think the rose gold side frame was suitable for men, but after I bought it, I felt good. Especially in a less bright environment, the color is the same as bronze, which is beautiful.

Finally, if you want to buy HUAWEI mobile phones and have enough budget, you can consider Mate series! The P series is a good choice. If your budget is not enough to buy HUAWEI flagship phones. You can choose the flagship HONOR series.

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