The Booker Credit Card Machine Vs the Clover Station – Best for Small Businesses

Your small business’s point of sale system can provide some very valuable features. Perhaps the most important is being able to accept a variety of payment types. However, you can also get tools such as inventory management, contact lists and sales reporting. Booker and Clover Station are two popular options. Which one is best for small businesses?


The core focus of Booker POS is setting and organizing appointments. It has a helpful software backend that lets you quickly create appointments. You can also have customers book their own online. This includes paying through an e-commerce portal. Booker even lets you schedule appointments on mobile and social media for extra convenience.

It also has tools for capturing contact information and promoting your business online. Overall, it is a great tool if you need to entice customers to make appointments with your team.

For hardware, you will receive a Clover Mini for accepting payments from customers. This can function as a contactless payment machine as well as taking payment card and gift cards.

Clover Station

The Clover POS system with the Station hardware is a popular choice among small businesses. Part of the reason for this is that the software is highly customizable. Therefore, you can select the features that best fit your business. For example, you can use reservation management for a restaurant or inventory management for a store (or both).

The Station hardware features a sleek touchscreen console that is very easy to use. This can help to minimize mistakes and reduce training times.

Additionally, Clover is very quick with payment processing. This means that you can take payment from customers more quickly, leading to better satisfaction.

With the modern style of the Station, many businesses love the look of this option. It can fit into any store environment and look professional. Additionally, you can add extra features such as a cash drawer, a sprinter and a dedicated screen for customers.

The Top Choice for Small Businesses

So, which one should you choose for your business? Overall, it depends a lot on what your business is doing. Clover POS software is useful for almost all types of businesses. It also regularly gets updated with new features and has a developer kit if you want to add some special functionality.

Conversely, Booker POS is more specialized. It is almost entirely focused on appointment-based businesses. Nonetheless, it does this extremely well. It is a great POS system and should be a strong contender for small businesses such as spas, automotive repair shops and salons. In either case, you will be very happy with your point of sale system.

Find a Payment Partner Today

Once you have chosen the right POS system, you will need to find a great payment processing partner. This should be a reliable financial services provider who can support both your day-to-day payment processing and the strategic growth of your company. Carefully consider the fees of all potential partners. For example, you may want to find one that does not charge a monthly fee. Learn more and start your search today.

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