PDFBear: The Best File Merger Online That Can Help You Organize Files

Isn’t it frustrating when you have several files saved on your device? These files seem to have almost the same contents, and you are thinking that you can have them in a single file instead of being separate individual pages. Gratefully with PDFBear, you can easily do a PDF merge to create a single file for all of your files, saving you the hassle of having to take care of so many other files.

Merging Online

Merging your files is basically like managing your files accordingly. For example, if you are working on a project and have put text graphics and photos on individual pages. Imagine if you have to present this project, and while presenting, you will be opening each particular file and just thinking of the effort of having to open multiple files all at once. Good thing that merging files online became possible.


PDFBear is one of the web-based tools available at your fingertips to address this kind of need. PDFBear offers features such as PDF merge, splitting your PDF files, converting your files from PDF to other formats, and vice versa. Hence, helping you in repairing your corrupted PDF files, adding encryptions on your files for added security, and merging your files into a single PDF file, etc.

PDFBear Merge Tool

With PDFBear merging your files online is achievable in a few simple steps. If you are unfamiliar with using the tool, you do not have to worry. The online application has an available easy-to-follow guide that you can use to help you explore the software on your own.

To merge your files using PDFBear here is how:

  1. Firstly, select the PDF files that you wish to merge and then upload them to the system.
  2. PDFBear will then merge your files while you can sit back and relax while waiting for it.
  3. You can also modify your files when you see fit before pressing combine.
  4. Your file is ready for saving and sharing.


If you want to find the easiest and quickest way to merge files, PDFBear is the perfect find for you. In just a matter of a few simple clicks, you will have your newly combined files in a minute. Furthermore, since this tool is online, all you ever need to have access to is a device that can access the internet, such as a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. You also have nothing to worry about regarding payment. PDFBear is accessible for free.

PDFBear Pro

If you wish to go for a Pro account, you can, which will surely cost you a fee. Yet, having a Pro account has some additional perks. For one, there will be no limit as to how many files you process. Compared to the free version, Pro account users have no restrictions on accessing all PDFBear features. Additionally, when you are a Pro account holder, there will be no ads popping up when you use PDFBear.

Plus, when you use PDFBear, after merging your files, you can also access the other features to make necessary changes, which you may find fitting to polish your PDF file. Like when you find that the file has a large file size and you wish to reduce it. The compress feature of PDFBear is readily available for that.

Benefits OF Merging PDF Files

There are a lot of things that combining your files can do for you. One of those is it will make your sharing of data easier. Imagine having to send multiple files using an email. The upload may take several minutes, and most often than not, there is a limit as to how many files you can upload. Sometimes, due to the large file size, some errors might occur on your upload, and you end up not being able to send your file.

The good news is that you can merge your files into a single PDF and even compress it to reduce the file size right after using PDFBear. This way, you can send or share the necessary file to your chosen recipients with ease. Additionally, this is also very helpful when you are applying for a job and wish to send the cover letter, resume, and other job requirements in a single file instead of sending them individually.

Furthermore, merging your files is ideal for projects involving several documents for individual teams working on it. Of course, since there are several teams, reports for each of the groups are essential. Now, how would you be able to manage so many files and not waste time trying to find them when needed? Suppose you can consolidate this data into one file, separating them into specific areas. In that case, you can save yourself the hassle of frantically looking for particular information you might need in the future.

When you have a single PDF file containing all of your needed files, it will be easier to print them rather than having them as single and individual pages. Instead of wasting so many clicks trying to print the individual files, why not save yourself the hassle and print them all in just one click?

Why PDFBear? 

Out of the many other online tools, why would you want to choose PDFBear? Well, aside from the several features that PDFBear can offer, this web-based tool can also guarantee your safety when using it. Its system automatically deletes any trace of your file and provides access to no one but you. Additionally, PDFBear is accessible for free. Yes, free, meaning you do not need to spend any amount to access this user-friendly online tool.

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