Privacy And Online Security: AVG’s Internet Security Program

AVG Technologies is one of the top companies in the market that delivers superior cybersecurity programs for a person’s privacy and online security. Founded by the Czech Republic in 1991, the products that the company published to the public throughout the years have received multiple awards and significant prizes.

If you’re wondering if you really need an antivirus program, let’s put this into perspective. In recent years, hackers are getting smarter, taking advantage of any system’s leaks and vulnerabilities in a network. Without a cybersecurity program, you’re unwillingly allowing unsuspecting traffic and data to enter or exit your network.

There’s also a chance for your system to get a virus. And if you’re connected to a local area network with many others, you’re risking yourself and also other people sharing the network. To prevent all of this, you need a good internet security program. To know more about AVG and why you should choose their products, keep reading.

Choosing AVG For Your Cybersecurity Needs

For this AVG Internet Security review, let’s talk about how it works. Taking a look at the graphical user interface of the AVG Internet Security, it’s quite noticeable how the program’s whole architecture is bizarrely basic. The program also has a compact dashboard, rendering the program completely easy to use. Moreover, the in-depth security service delivers an additional layer of protection from malicious threats or ransomware.

How the program protects all of your files and data from threats is a feature worth mentioning. Whenever your device connects to an unknown network, the software scans the extensions and toolbars of every site you visit to make sure they are safe. It also has webcam protection that blocks websites from accessing your built-in camera without your permission.

Below is an extensive list of all the features that AVG Internet Security offers and all of it works all together to provide sufficient malware and antivirus protection.

A Highly Advanced Antivirus Program

The latest AVG Internet Security program has an amplified module for an antivirus. The feature will continuously look for malware, viruses, ransomware, and other types of infections and protect you. The program can be easily installed on your personal computer or your private network.

Advanced Detection with Artificial Intelligence

In recent years, technology has grown farther than we expected, which goes the same for newly developed viruses and malware infections. To keep up with all the emerging threats, the program uses Artificial Intelligence to abruptly recognize threats the very moment it enters your protected network or personal computer.

Behavior Shield

Once the antivirus program detects any hostile activity in your personal computer, it immediately obstructs its ongoing activity and goes straight into the program’s quarantine zone. It’s worth mentioning how spectacularly fast the antivirus program’s reaction time when it was tested for threats online.

PUA Scanner

Because it is difficult to recognize a threat as a normal user just by looking at it, particularly when it comes to accessing an otherwise safe data file, the AVG Internet Security uses a powerful scanner to detect these applications. Before you copy a file to your computer, the Web Shield function scans for secret malware. It also tests email attachments, which can be a trap through the use of its Email Shield feature for phishing attacks.

A Turbo Scanner

What makes a full system scan longer than usual? It’s because the program has to go through all of the drives and files in your system whenever the software detects a threat. AVG Internet Security can shorten the overall time for scanning a system by skipping all the files that are already considered familiar and safe. Thus, getting to the infected file much faster.

A Detector For Fake Websites and Online Payment Sites

In recent years, the majority of daily transactions happen over the internet. Due to that, most people are now prone to online phishing threats that can replicate all the details you’ve entered. AVG Internet Security helps users avoid dangerous websites to ensure all your online transactions are safe and secure.

Ransomware Protection

In the year 2017, there has been more than a 200% increase in ransomware threats. Because of that, AVG decided to include in the security suites package a module for ransomware. The feature can be set as either Strict or Smart. The first option doesn’t allow its users to change any system files without the owner’s permission, regardless of the application’s request.

The second option allows the users to completely modify all the files and data in a system unit. However, the files they modify must be set in advance with the program, rendering the applications trustworthy.

AVG’s Data Safe

You can access this feature in the privacy section of the program. You can keep specific files locked on your computer by enabling them. Only you have the capability to open the safe. Without a provisional password, the secured files can not be opened.

You can easily understand and use the interface. You have to acknowledge the password-protected files are encrypted, so don’t forget it. Otherwise, you won’t be able to access the files you’ve stored in the safe, rendering them useless.

The Cost For It All

With the product’s tolerable price tag of around 69.99 dollars per year, you can securely protect your Windows or Mac devices from any threats. Additionally, you may also choose a second plan that protects for up to 10 separate devices for 89.99 dollars annually. Not to mention that AVG offers a 60-day trial to test all of its features for assurance.  

The top cybersecurity software

From the perspective of an average user of the product, there are only a few concerns. One of which is the bundle that comes with the downloadable package. This will all depend on personal preference, but if you’re the type of user who doesn’t like to be bombarded with numerous features and downloads that you don’t need, it may seem not very pleasant.

Anyhow, it’s a fact that AVG Internet Security is one of the top cybersecurity software of 2020. Even though there are numerous new internet security programs in the market in recent years, most of the AVG products still stand among the top competitors such as Norton 360, Bitdefender, Avast, and Kaspersky, that have complete functionalities for an antivirus.

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