Your Online Study Partner: 6 Tips and Tricks in Surviving Online Class

Education is one of the sectors greatly affected by Covid-19; since this pandemic started, the Government planned and established new responses to reduce its severity and casualty. One of the proposed plans to still carry on education despite the predicament we’re facing today is Online Class; this response can save all the students from acquiring the virus, but it requires a lot of adjustments in this kind of set-up to finish their studies.  

Adjusting is really hard, I know, but we’ll help you get through this pandemic by dropping some tips on dealing with online courses and classes. This will not help you answer the papers you need to pass, but this will serve as your head start to naturally adjust in this New Normal predicament. Are you ready, Buddy? If yes, then let’s get started! 

Convert Your Papers to PDF Before Handing it to Your Teachers

Everything we do today will be done with the help of gadgets such as laptops and cellular phones since there are no more face-to-face classes. When the teachers want you to create essays or other work, I suggest converting it to PDF first.

Most of us use Word Document when passing files; unknown to us, our document is vulnerable to virus attacks causing it to malfunction in the future.  I know you don’t want that to happen, so prevent it from happening while you still can. 

If you haven’t grabbed a reliable converter today, you can use the PDF Bear online tool to make things easier for you; this tool will help you convert Word to PDF in just a snap, so no need to worry about your pile of paperwork that needs to be done as soon as possible. 

Prepare Your Reading Materials

The teachers will surely hand you loads of books and other reading materials before giving you a network; some of them will push you to find it yourself, so the best thing to do is make folders in your phone or laptop, and then label every folder with the subject/course you’re taking to locate the reading materials without any difficulty. 

Read and Study

Preparing the needed materials for online classes is not enough; you must read and study to gain high grades, Pal! According to some studies, eating dark chocolates improved your memory, so why not try this method when studying and see the result yourself, Buddy. By the way, PDF allows you to annotate and highlight sentences; do this technique to remember the essential details! 

Participate During Online Class

Don’t take online classes as a joke just because it’s different compared to before; listen to your teacher or whoever is talking during the meeting, just like the school’s set-up. I know you lost your interest in studying since this virus came into existence; engaging yourself in class is one of the keys to restore that interest.

Jot Down Notes

Jotting down notes, especially when your teacher is talking, is really necessary, Buddy. There are essential details that aren’t written in your reading materials; listen to your teachers attentively, so you’re not missing anything significant. After jotting it down, rewrite it in a clean paper and highlight the essential words to easily study everything.  

Set Deadlines

The key to finish all the requirements given by your teacher is the deadline! It’s kind of a joke, but the deadline pushes all of us to start doing the tasks assigned to us. This is not the time to procrastinate, Pal, set the deadline now, and start working one at a time; always do the tasks that need to be delivered early; in this manner, you’ll not be pressured. 


The tips mentioned above will not make sense if you’re not ready for this New Normal; having physical meetings is quite different from what we have right now, but this is the only way to avoid getting infected. Gear yourself up by accepting that this is our new life; eat healthy food, stay hydrated, and have seven to nine hours of sleep. Finishing the tasks on time is your goal, but don’t let it consume you because health is wealth, Buddy! 


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