6 Popular Putlocker Streaming Sites Alternatives That Are Safe

Putlocker is among the best-known film sites. It is mainly accessible for free viewing of television shows, documentaries, films, and several more. Putlocker was made  in 2012 and is listed as a “putlocker.com” web address. No other free streaming service has a great variety of films. 

Putlocker was and still is a fantastic film stream for most of their consumers; however, this homepage has legitimate reversals and pressures the proprietor to modify his web addresses. Over the decade, the domain of Putlocker has shifted from different domain names. 

After all, with more than 1.6 M of distinctive on-site visitors every day, multiple mirrors and replicants are trying to have a slice from the legitimate platform! In short, we could never be confident whether the owner is still functioning or has relocated on from one of the replicated web pages.


123Movies has become among the best putlockers alternative sites. You may even have met this web server by now, possibly. In aspects of capacity, 123Movies is nearly analogous to Putlocker. It makes internet-based streaming secure and genuine. Its mixture of white and green subject appearance makes your eyeballs relaxed and serene. 

123Movies is renowned for its streaming platforms for comfort and security. A basic and easy setup of films is provided on the home screen. It is also equipped with browsing and navigating through movies and shows, which are simple to find. 123Movies does have a Television show, seasons, and animated film archive, with broader availability. 

The film catalog comprises various plays and requirements, including updated theatre films, newly acquired programs, recently introduced television series, previously created animated series, and last week’s added Asian television shows. 123Movies offers suggestions to take into consideration based on your popular films. With that said, Putlocker is a beautiful package of substitutes for every film streaming demand.


YesMovies is yet another excellent option for Putlocker to have online streaming escapism platforms. It has more than 9,000 HD television shows, films, and trilogy, and the platform offers its audiences a wide assortment of media material. The page of YesMovies has a present and modest UI. 

It renders browsing and looking for their preferred films and shows convenient for watchers. The capacity to shift to dark themes becomes the unique functionality of the YesMovies homepage.

YesMovies mainly provides internet streaming, the newest tv-series, and films. The implementation of its search field recognizes numbers and letters for any film web surfing. It has many genres, like military action, visual effects, horror films, expedition, and more. 


WatchTVSeries is an excellent substitute for you when you’re more an enthusiast of Television programs over movies. Nearly all Television shows and trilogy from various widely known Television networks are witnessed throughout the site. It covers Fox, AMC, CBS, HBO, NBC, BBC, and FOX history channels. 

WatchTVSeries also involves online streaming material from Netflix. The recent episodes of one’s beloved series will be streaming into the section best new seasons. WatchTVSeries includes several selected areas, such as original seasons, TV mini trilogy, and television programs.


SolarMovie is one healthy choice to substitute Putlocker. SolarMovie provides endless fun and excitement everywhere and with various Tv shows and films in its compilation. It contains not only a great film catalog. 

It even possesses a clean, politically designed UI. The TV and film Section of SolarMovies would then help you locate anything quickly and conveniently. SolarMovie ‘s Land Section is a distinctive characteristic. 

The following segment filters films depending on the region of roots. You could even access films with country titles if, for instance, you would like to watch Chinese, Korean drama, Indian and Scandinavian movies.

There are wildly coordinated Tv programs, trilogy, and films on Solar Movies, with search terms, IMDb ratings, film descriptions, and complete album artwork. Its quality on the homepage is spectacular, user-friendly, and extraordinarily flexible, making it the best Putlocker option. Mobile phones and laptops are the ideal operating systems for the platform.


The film, show, documentary, and film catalog and some specific functionalities fully illustrate where MegaShare has become one of Putlocker’s most efficient solutions. MegaShare has various animations, television and feature films, TV dramas, and reality shows. 

Nearly every of the film navigation and search features on the Website is embedded into specific Putlocker options. The abbreviation, country label, launch year, including the IMDb Top Rated filters, could be used to browse for just about any film and Tv titles. MegaShare offers excellent browsing qualities that render the page a complete bundle for film and television series enthusiasts. 

MegaShare is among the most accessible and most fantastic comfortable free film streaming websites for Putlocker. The Website attracts a significant fandom and has a detailed film database to deliver its audiences via MegaShare’s user-friendly platform and layout.

The addition of distinct subtitles from multiple dialects is another displayed characteristic of MegaShare. MegaShare doesn’t depend on one database in aspects of emergency plans, but it also has two or three databases for sustained streaming.


MovieWatcher’s important characteristic is its extensive directory and an integrated film compilation. The genres, launch years, relevancy, and category of a film can classify your film quest. It’s a fantastic resource that streams movies, indexing third-party websites like search results, discussion boards, and other film streaming services and grouping them in a centralized database. 

MovieWatcher is a hassle-free experience platform for streaming free films, TV shows, and high-definition internet shows. The page of MovieWatcher does have a sophisticated UI and movie structures which are well prepared. 

You could use the most mainstream, genres, and even years to obtain these data sections. The TV series has a dedicated category that makes it simpler to browse and lookup. MovieWatcher is not unlike a further paid film streaming channel in contexts of streaming performance and reliability.

In A Nutshell 

Putlocker is your best choice if you’re a devoted spree watchman and film fan! It does not only possess classic films and shows, the most significant part regarding this website. There are also a wide variety of cinema movies officially displayed in movie theatres, from a limitless catalog of the finest films and shows with different genres to stream in diverse selection contexts.

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