5 Websites That Allows You To Enjoy Movies And TV Shows Other Than Putlocker

Numerous websites give users the ability to stream any movie or TV show for free. Putlocker has been one of those streaming sites that we all trust and grown fond of. We assume that you result from Putlocker and these other websites because you do not want to pay the premium for Netflix and Hulu and other services. Don’t worry; you are not missing out because Putlocker gives the same services as those streaming giants.

Putlocker makes free streaming of movies, and TV shows a possibility. The best thing is that users get unlimited access to the content that Putlocker has. However, Putlocker is under a lot of fire and scrutiny these days. The streaming website that we all love is not even working anymore. So, does the end of Putlocker mean an end to free streaming of movies and TV shows?

Even if the Putlocker website has been shut down, it does not mean that you won’t watch movies and TV shows for free anymore. Many streaming websites work the same as Putlocker and offer free and unlimited access to films. You can surely head to these websites and start binge-watching your favorite titles. Indeed, what happened to Putlocker was sad; however, enjoying movies and TV shows for free should never stop, right?


123Movies is one of those sites like putlocker. So, you will not miss out on a lot of things because of the shutdown of Putlocker. You can make the transition to 123Movies and act as nothing happened. 123Movies has been around for quite some time now, so you will not be getting any services that do not feel streamlined.

If you have been streaming movies and TV shows on the Internet, pre-Netflix, or pre-Hulu era, you might have come across this website. Google usually has 123Movies at the top of its list whenever you Google a movie you want to watch for free. Although Putlocker is currently under fire, 123Movies has the same capabilities in bringing you quality movies and TV shows for free.

You can almost see the similarities between 123Movies and Putlocker in how they deliver their services. For example, the main menu offers a very streamlined feel, and you can see that they arranged the movies in an orderly manner. You can filter the content to your likings such as the Recently Added, Latest Movies, TV Series, Asian Drama, and even Anime!


The name WatchTVSeries explains itself clearly to its users. This website is perfect for those who prefer watching TV shows over movies. Good thing that the creators laid out the platform clearly, so users know what they will get out of this website. All content still comes for free, as our beloved Putlocker would try to give us this service. So, you can enjoy your favorite TV show titles even with Putlocker gone!

This TV-show streaming website has a massive library of popular TV shows and series. It does not matter which TV channel a particular TV show belongs to. Chances are, WatchTVSeries has all the TV shows from NBC, FOX, AMC, BBC, and other popular TV channels. So, you have a comprehensive and diverse set of choices when it comes to watching your TV shows for free.

One thing that we should talk about WatchTVSeries is how well they organize their content. The website organizes the episodes well into their respective seasons. This way, you will not have an impossible time moving on to the next episode. After all, you are trying to binge-watch a TV show, not crack an ancient code or puzzle in locating the next episode.


FMovies is another one of those 100% working Putlocker alternatives. This website also has many movies, TV shows, and documentaries that it offers to you for free. We believe that the direct comparison here comes in the “free” aspect. Like Putlocker, you will enjoy the content you are looking for without paying a dime!

FMovies are part of the more recently-released streaming platforms on the Internet. Consider it as in its formative years as it has only been providing its services since 2016. However, even if the streaming platform is relatively new, the website interface sports a streamlined feel and an easy to use and navigate streaming website. So, you will be getting a more modern twist to the Putlocker service that we all love.

FMovies update their movie and TV show library often so you will not have any problems digesting fresh new content. Since it contains more recent content, FMovies is significantly popular when it comes to free movie streaming services. Since it is popular and free to use, expect some pop-ups and ads that come as a price to watch movies and TV shows for free.


MovieWatcher is one of those free streaming websites that offer a diverse and comprehensive library. It also ensures to lay everything out in a well-organized manner. Users will arrange any movie according to its genre, popularity, and the release date. So, you can get an excellent grasp of the movie genres or types of movies that you love served directly to you.

One thing to note about MovieWatcher is that it incorporates external sources from Forums, Search Engines, and even foreign streaming websites. It also lays its content out in a free-to-use streaming platform, so you do not have to spend anything to watch movies on MovieWatcher. If you must know about the quality, we’d say that MovieWatcher is on par with movie platforms with a premium. 


Finally, we have GoMovies to round up our list of Putlocker alternatives. GoMovies is no stranger in giving the best service in terms of unlimited and free access to movies and TV shows. It offers its services in such a high-quality manner that you can pick out the quality of your streaming content. Might we add, their library consists of the more recent, popular movie titles available!

You will still be able to source out the less popular titles that you enjoy. One thing that GoMovies has in its arsenal is a comprehensive movie and TV show library. So, you will not be missing out at all on anything by using GoMovies as your Putlocker alternative. Expect a lot of ads and pop-ups as your payment for the free access of their content.

Watch unlimited shows starting now!

Watching movies is great, but watching your favorite movie titles for free is even better! This quote was accurate in Putlocker; however, now that it is under a lot of fire, it is time to source new alternatives. 

You do not have to surrender your love for film and TV shows and succumb to the streaming platforms that require premium. The internet is so big that you can easily find Putlocker alternatives like these and start watching movies and TV shows for free immediately!



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