4 Positives of a Virtual Receptionist Service


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4 Positives of a Virtual Receptionist Service

A receptionist is usually the first point of contact between a potential consumer and a business. Larger companies often employ front desk personnel to manage the phones, greet walk-in traffic, and take care of a number of services that keep customers happy. However, smaller companies and startups don’t always have the resource to afford a full-time receptionist, much less employ a whole department of individuals to handle customer service needs. This can severely weaken the consumer’s positive opinion of a business, especially if their phone call is never answered or returned. To fix this problem and continue to develop customer faith in your company, relying on an outsourced receptionist may be just what you need.

Consistency With Calls Being Answered

When you rely on the person at the front desk for your reception needs, you will always have to contend with vacation time, sick days, running late, the lunch hour, or taking a bathroom break. Your business may operate under a work schedule from Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm, but there is a high probability that your phone doesn’t always get answered during these time periods. Consistency in keeping someone available to answer the phone any time it rings is hard to maintain unless you rely on a virtual receptionist. You won’t have to worry about shuffling around employees to cover the phones during the lunch hour, and you are spared the expense and frustration of hiring a temp employee to fill the gap during vacation or medical leave. Bringing in a temp tends to just cause more confusion with your customers, as these employees generally don’t have a strong familiarity with your products and services. Using a reliable virtual receptionist addresses these concerns as they are always there when you need them. Even if you didn’t want to use a service full time, you could always divert your phone to the virtual receptionist whenever an event, planned or unplanned, has your fill-time employee away from the desk.

Reliable Customer Service

Providing your customers with a great experience any time they call is a solid way to reduce customer unhappiness and loss of faith in company practices. When you work with a virtual receptionist, you control the training and information the receptionist is given, ensuring high quality each time the phone rings. The seamlessness of the customer experience is vital to boosting sales and showing your competitive edge over other industry businesses. Rather than shuffling from one temp to another, you can use a virtual receptionist to provide a courteous and knowledgeable response any time the phone rings.

Increased Productivity

Small businesses and entrepreneurs don’t usually have it in the budget to keep an on-site receptionist available for every department. If you are the sole employee of your business, you may have little time to do anything else other than answering the phone. For this reason, having a virtual receptionist can free up your time and increase your productivity. You don’t have to walk around constantly answering your cell phone or remain seated at your desk since the landline keeps ringing. When you rely on the services of a company like Voicenation, you can get all your calls answered for you. You also get the reliability of accurate and detailed messages sent to you for follow-up. Since all you have to do is read through the messages, you are able to prioritize which issues should be handled first. You can either make a return call yourself or you can send the issue to another department or individual to handle. Freeing up your time from the phones gives you the liberty to address the most crucial areas of your operations and increase productivity.

Professional Perception

The first point of contact with your company sets the tone for the customer expectation. Having to hold on the line for several minutes or getting a curt, unfriendly greeting can immediately turn a customer away from your business.  A friendly, professional voice that quickly answers the phone gives consumers a favorable first impression. It puts an image of a professional in the client’s mind and creates a sense of trust. You customize the greeting for the virtual receptionist, and the rest is done for you. Your receptionist can direct the call to the right individual, or they can take a message that will be related directly.

Your image is everything, and one wrong phone conversation can damage your brand. Virtual reception services can mitigate this risk.

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